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Accessing Your Unlimited Self to Overcome ANY Doubts

a FREE self-study class for anyone with goals, hopes, wants and dreams...

We all have doubts... and yes, any and all of them can be overcome.

Kian Xie

My name is Kian Xie.

I help talented lightworkers realize their true gifts, and learn to use them in the real world.

I believe anything is possible, and nothing is too good to be true. 

And in terms of your goals, hopes and dreams... this is very good news.  

Here's the thing about being human...

As human beings, we're all hooked in to this thing called Universal Intelligence, Spirit, God, Higher Power, Infinity... whatever you want to call it, everyone has access to it, and everyone has the ability to grow in relationship with it. That essentially gives you the power to accomplish or realize anything you desire. I like to call the part of you that has this universal, unbound awareness the Unlimited Self

The trouble is, we're also hooked in to a side of us that likes to put limitations on everything. "Oh really... anything is possible?" that side of us says. "That's not true! We have limitations of time and space and logic. We don't have infinite power, we're not God. In fact, here's a bunch of things you can't do, even if you try."  

That part of us is called the Limited Self, and it exists for a reason.  

Now here's the great, amazing news...

When the Limited Self and the Unlimited Self work together, and you can take command of that synergy to take inspired action, you have the power to overcome literally any kind of self-doubt or self-inflicted obstacles to your goals and desires. Then you'll be totally free to move forward in your life, pursuing the reality you always dreamed of.  

This applies to any kind of goal or wish: financial, career, relationship, friendship, creative, emotional, spiritual... the possibilities are endless, as long as you're willing to commit to yourself and take action.  

Are you ready to overcome your blocks and move forward?

How this class came to be...

"Kian has a deep and profound connection to his intuitive skills. He consistently takes real-world, real-life, boots-on-the-ground stuff and adds his intuitive, skillful nature to create a quality of connection, spirit and heart. This not only makes the work being done effective, but also aligned, meaningful and congruent with the highest self." -Steve M.

The exercise I teach in this class is one I've used for myself hundreds of times. Literally, every time I've wanted to do something but felt doubts come up, I've pulled it out and used it to turn my doubts and fears into positive action.  

As a psychic, I meet lots of people seeking my help who have fantastic talents, and a deep desire to use them to help others and accomplish great things. They are artists, activists, leaders, caregivers, inventors, entrepreneurs... the list goes on, with the common thread being an amazing gift within each one of them to give the world... and a wall of doubts holding them back.  

A certain amount of doubt can be expected when you're pushing your own boundaries, and challenging yourself to be a better person in any area of life. The solution isn't so much in preventing doubt from happening... but learning to respond properly to doubts when they come up, and transmute them into powerful, positive action.

There are many strategies you've probably tried already to deal with doubt. Talking through it, saying positive affirmations, even getting coaching or counseling are all effective ways to changing your mindset. But it takes more than just changing how you feel on the inside. To truly overcome doubt, you need to outline, and then take, clear action steps in the real world... which is exactly what you'll be able to do once you've gone through this class.

Oh, and the great thing? You don't have to believe in spiritual stuff or be a positive person to make this class work for you. In fact, if you're a skeptic or a "negative" thinker, it'll be super easy for you to get started.  

It takes just an hour to complete, and you'll come out with a list of real action steps you can take to overcome whatever doubts you're facing right now. Once you have this technique, you'll have it forever to apply in any situation you want.  

So what are you waiting for? 

Here's what others have to say about working with me...

“You're one of those people that makes someone want to spend more time on magic.” -Lance W.  

“Kian is a rare find. Extremely intuitive; extremely insightful. His work is extraordinary... You should experience the magic that being in his presence can create in you. What you do with what you learn is then up to you.” -Linda Pritcher

“Talk about having gifts, I feel like you spelled out my soul's story for me! I really want to say thanks to you. My perspective is forever shifted.-J.T.  

“Kian reminds me that a more stable life is possible, while remaining mystical. Kian is not just another "internet guru" who claims he can bring you enlightenment, instead a trusted friend who can tap into different worlds to help you connect to yourself. He gives me a consistent reminder to continue on my own path. With people like this connected to me, I feel the only way left to go is forward! -Greg M.

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